Mujeres de Rusia y de Ucrania

Bielorrusia /  Gomel /  Svetlana, 50 años

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ID 402331

163 cm
68 kg
Ojos avellana, Pelo rubio

Estado marital
Divorciada/Separada, sin hijos


Sobre mi
style=margin-bottom:-1px  Escorpio, Cristiana, No fumadora, No bebedora

A guy 45-60 y.o.
I used to choose gentle and soft men as partners because I was strong. And now I have become in a sense a hedonist: I just want to relax and enjoy life without thinking about problems. Therefore, I need a man who is reliable and firmly on his feet. A real man knows how to be himself and does not try to seem better than he is. If you are an “off-roader”, you don’t need to pretend to be a “sports car” - for every man, as well as for every car, there is a lover. Next to such a man, I myself am not afraid to be myself. He is kind, reliable, generous, and selfless. He knows how to show his strengths. A man can be anything cool, but if he does not know how to present himself, there is a high chance that a woman will pass by. I really appreciate reliability. With such a person, I will feel safe. No, I do not need an intercessor - I can stand up for myself, I am not helpless. I need someone I can rely on, with whom I can sometimes relax and let things get out of control. Good looks don t matter. It s good if a person is beautiful, but you can t go far on beauty alone. I care about cleanliness and cleanliness. And, of course, making such demands on a person, I myself try to meet them and work a lot on myself.

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