Mujeres de Rusia y de Ucrania

Bielorrusia /  Minsk /  Alla, 45 años

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ID 382641

163 cm
63 kg
Ojos azules, Pelo rubio

Estado marital
Divorciada/Separada, 2 hijos


Sobre mi
style=margin-bottom:-1px  Virgo, Cristiana, No fumadora, No bebedora

A guy 43-60 y.o.
It’s so hard to describe myself, but still I’ll try. I am a positive, light person, sometimes perhaps too naive and childishly direct. I know how to laugh, enjoy life, but when it hurts, I know how to cry, but only so that no one sees: we have been taught from childhood by our parents to be strong and not show their weaknesses. I am patient, able to forgive, but if it is too long and painful, I will not tolerate. I can not stand lies, betrayal and aggression in relation to myself and to people. I do not like boring people.For me, family and family values are very important. I have been married for 20 years, but the last 4 years have been divorced. Sometimes in this life, something ends and you need to move on. I believe that in this life there are more good people, it is important to meet a person with similar interests I am an active person. I like to spend the weekend actively. I can’t lie on the couch and do nothing. I skate, bike, love horses. In my youth I was fond of motorcycles. I like team sports when the game is very fast and the result is visible.I am an educated person. I like to read, go to theaters, museums, cinemas. Well, if someone likes it too. I like to travel, discover new countries, cities. I try to visit a new country once a year to discover a new culture, new cuisine, get new emotions, because life is so short.There are so many people around, but I need only one with whom I can talk about everything and it will not be boring. With which I can just be silent and feel intimacy. With which I can discover new places, discuss impressions, laugh, joke and understand each other s jokes, be able to make each other laugh.I just don’t want to spend my life on petty, selfish people, who like to lie and are able to betray a friends, who always see everything as bad, whine, blame everyone else for their problems, see only the dirt around, irresponsible, aggressive. Pass by if you are like that. Better to be alone than wasting life on negative emotions and heavy people.

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